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    Every SVUSD elementary student currently enrolled 5th grade and 6th grade needs to complete an online Intent to Register form, indicating whether your student will…

    …remain at Vista for 6th grade, OR neighborhood middle school for 7th grade
    …apply for school of choice at a middle school (not your neighborhood middle school)
    …plan to move to another school outside of the district.

    This is a required form and must be submitted on or before February 28, 2020
    You will need the 6‐digit student identification number in order to submit the form.

    ** To access and complete forms   CLICK HERE **

    To view the Middle School Boundary Map, click here

    Posted 2/19/20
    Keeping students safe at Vista

    Student safety is a big concern for everyone at Vista, especially at drop off and pick up times. Please remember that the red curbs are for unloading / loading ONLY in the parking lot. Drivers are NOT to exit their vehicles and students should be prepared to exit the car on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE VEHICLE ONLY with their belongings. You MAY NOT leave your vehicle unattended while in the drop off zones on Wisteria and/ or Madrone. It is also imperative that students not be dropped off in the street or parking lot when a car is "double parked" or in a drive through lane, as this is a serious safety hazard. If you see unsafe driving in the street, please contact the Simi Valley Police Department with a license plate number. If you see unsafe driving in the school parking lot, please report it to the office. We must all work together to keep our students safe!


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