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3rd Grade

PE Schedule: Monday and Thursday

Online Typing Practice

Typing practice is a life skill for your child and this program helps your student gain speed and accuracy.

The username and password are on the front page of student's agenda. 


  • Click on "Member Login" in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Put your username in the User ID field.
  • Put your password in the password field.
  • Click "Login" or hit "Enter"

Supporting Academic Success


Encouraging your child to read is one of the best ways to support academic success in Third Grade. It's time for chapter books that are at your child's AR reading level.

In addition, practicing multiplication facts, using money, playing with numbers, and discussing how helpful numbers are in daily life will help.

Encourage your child's curiosity.

Parents, please be sure to complete the Parents' Rights Handbook, the SVUSD Acceptable Use Policy and the Vista Handbook online before Back To School Night.

Also, update the Aeries Portal and the health information for each child you have in our schools.

Check out the Vista homepage for more information and links to these online forms.

Also, be sure to email your teacher from the email address you check often, so you may be added to the class email list.

Remember our commitment is to excellence and we believe in life long learning.

Email Links

Please use these links below to email the 3rd grade teachers.

Heather Carrillo

Christine Pungrchar - CLASS WEBSITE

Emily Morris - CLASS WEBSITE

Jill Robles

Welcome to Third Grade

Third Grade classrooms are:

  • Room 75 Mrs. Pungrchar
  • Room 74 Mrs. Carrillo
  • Room 73 Mrs. Morris 
  • Room 72 Mrs. Robles

In Third Grade each teacher is responsible for Reading, writing, listening/speaking, math, science and social studies. We also rotate for Physical Education (PE) using the program called Game Day.

Accelerated Reader Point Goals

Each students has a goal of obtaining at least 10 AR points each quarter or individual goals as set by the teacher. Teachers have books in their classrooms for students to borrow and we visit the school library regularly. Students may also use the TumbleBooks link to read and listen to books. Our goal is to instill a love of reading and explore different genres.

  • First Quarter
  • Second Quarter (First Semester)
  • Third Quarter
  • Fourth Quarter (Second Semester)

Students are encouraged to make individual goals. Some ideas include:

  • Challenge yourself and set a goal to reach 50 or 100 AR points
  • Exceed the point minimum of 10 points by earning 25 points
  • Increase your comprehension percentage
  • Raise your percentage of non-fiction books read
  • Increase your average book level

Happy Reading!

Milky Way Over Zion National Park

MilkyWay Over Zion

Standards Based Report Card: the Why


Riddles and Jokes

How does the ocean say good-bye?

What did one eye say to the other eye?

What goes up in the summer and down in the winter?

How does an elephant get down from the tree?

Look for answers on Mrs. Bartholomew's website.

Multiplication and Division Online Practice

What time is it? It's multiplication and division time! Here is a website with practice multiplication drills in a fun game format! Memorizing your facts gives you MATH POWER. 

Multiplication Games


Fall Constellations: Summer Triangle, Pegasus, Andromeda, Canis Major (Big Dipper), Cassiopeia, Perseus


Students can watch the Moon as it changes phase each month. Draw pictures and record times, location and date.

Keeping a journal or log of these changes is a great way to practice being a scientist.

Also, without looking directly at the Sun, try observing the location of the Sun in the sky throughout a day or once per week through the seasons from your house. Draw a picture of where the Sun is. Which window is it best seen through, and note if this changes. Or does the Sun rise/set in the same place? Is there a landmark to use to show the relative change? Another project is to record the changing number of daylight hours vs darkness, too. You can get this data off the Weather Channel App (TWC).

As always, keep looking up.


Vocabulary Spelling City

Dear Third Grade Families:

We have some exciting news. We will use Vocabulary Spelling City in our class this year. Vocabulary Spelling City is a website and mobile app that helps students learn their weekly vocabulary and spelling words while having fun at the same time.

You can access this online tool by going to SpellingCity or by downloading the Vocabulary Spelling City app to use on your Apple, Android and Kindle devices.

Spelling lists will be posted directly on our Vocabulary Spelling City homepage, which students can conveniently access from home. There, they can review their words and play spelling games to reinforce the learning process.

You can find our weekly spelling and vocabulary lists by going directly to our Vocabulary Spelling City homepage. Bookmark this URL/link on your computer to make it easy to regularly access the spelling and vocabulary lists. Your student does not need to log into the site to access our spelling homepage.

The spelling lists will appear on the left side of the page below the "Welcome Message" and "Daily Instructions" under Mrs. Bartholomew’s name.

To access the activities and games, click on the list for the current story or topic and then select either the "Spelling Test," "Teach Me," or "Play a Game" options located above the word list.

Working together as a team will go a long way toward not only guiding our students to academic success but also insuring that they be more proficient using technology, and become independent lifelong learners.

Keep looking up,

Third Grade Teachers

Social Studies

Project Based Learning

Create a town and choose a Mayor!